Monday, December 14, 2015

On the Disappearance of Girl Power

Far too often, the bond of sisterhood is called into question by those who wish to take reign; a new society of feminism has inadvertently positioned us against each other as the realm of politics and self-determination collide. As women, we fight on a daily basis to secure all of our very important needs whilst working to accomplish our goals. More so than ever, I feel like we as women are called to action - to lead with our character and integrity and cast aside the petty dramatics forced upon us by those who wish to see us fail. These are tough times, indeed, yet we all still wish for our own special moment in the sun. However, this diminishing notion of sisterhood has been plummeted by our own selfish desires to succeed above others, and instead of embracing vulnerability we have blatantly rejected it. To live with an open heart is difficult, albeit not impossible. The old adage that "we should build each other up instead of tearing each other down" couldn't be more relevant; especially in a cultural climate where feeling threatened by other women is not only detrimental, but commonplace. While I do believe that strong women empower each other, I also believe that we can only meet people as deeply as we've met ourselves. Hence, our journey is an ever-evolving cycle of self-awareness and perseverance. I feel honored to have encountered many strong and empowered women along my journey who have taught me to never stop believing and to never stop achieving...and to carry that message to other women, struggling or not. And to those we may encounter who feel jealous, threatened, or drenched with fear, we can only offer two things; our hand and our heart. The rest is up to them.

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