Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hide and Seek: Pet Photo of the Week

Lately our lovely kitty, Iris, has been playing a game. She has been hiding. This behavior started in Corning, when we had a large house, and she would hide and not come out for hours. We would frequently find her squeezed under the couch, or under the bed, and even under the birdcage stand (when we still had a bird). As Iris has grown with us; from a stray to a surprisingly cuddly feline, she has developed quite the personality. Since moving to Vegas, Iris has loved the apartment and has continued to do things that surprise us. The above photo shows Iris all curled up into a tiny 'fox' position. Cute, right? But what makes this so interesting is that she is in Tito's crate! Furthermore, I have caught the two of them sleeping together in the crate! This is leaps and bounds from when she would 'kitty slap' her brother and bite at his neck! If there is one thing that pets do quite well, it's bring joy into our lives.

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Kate said...

Agreed! My (14 lb.) kitten brings so much joy into my life! There's nothing better than coming home to a pet so excited to see you!