Sunday, November 1, 2009

Welcome, Sweet November

Halloween was lovely this year. It was a lot of fun to decorate, carve a pumpkin with my BFF, and make pumpkin apple crisp for dessert. It's always a pleasure to see all the young trick-or-treaters in their fabulously creative costumes. The weather was a tad bit chilly, but the classic October wind made the night pure genius.

Some pics to share:

Tito, our little goblin dressed as a pumpkin.

Our lovely Pagan jack-o-lantern!

Now it's onto November, the month known for shuffling in the holiday season. This will be a busy month for me, as I have taken up another hobby, embossing and stamping - to go along nicely with all the other things I do! As for the knitting, I am still working on a variety of projects, and hope to update my Ravelry page soon. It's an all around exciting time at the Topps compound as we are preparing for some great things.

Up next: Wanda tackles the world of handmade tags!

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