Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Beauty of Fall Cuisine!

Fall is in the air! In addition to today being an organization day, I had the desire to bake. I purchased a variety of fall veggies from my local farmer's market and created a veggie-bake, which filled the house with that good ole smell of home cooking! In addition to zucchini squash, I included a type of yellow heirloom squash, which I sliced thinner so that it would cook faster. I added in baby carrots, green lentils, and a variety of organic spices to bring out all the flavors. The result was lovely and the bed of lentils below the veggies were cooked perfectly!

After making dinner, I wanted to make apple scones to share with my Spinning Guild at our get together in the morning. I've made scones a few times, but I never made them with locally grown granny smith apples. So I modified my recipe and made a bunch of scones. Don't they look super yummy?

I'm looking forward to sharing these scones with my friends! I think that my next baking adventure will be some more muffins!

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