Sunday, January 4, 2009

I've been a naughty blogger!

Where does the time go? Seriously? It really does have a way of just flying right by! My last post was regarding my super awesome trip to Rhinebeck. I miss those days - and the weather that went a long with it.

While it's been very chilly, I haven't been getting that much knitting done. I didn't really promise to do any holiday knitting - with the exception of Craig's first pair of socks....which I did finish one BEFORE Christmas! Does that count? Needless to say, the other one has been on hold. OH WAIT - I did forget to mention that I took a 4 needle mitten class and made the hubby a pair of snazzy mittens out of Mission Falls!

I think that I simply must make myself a pair of mittens. And I have been wanting to start a whole bevy of other projects, but I must restrain myself! High five to me for not buying yarn in a while....must.resist.alpaca!

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