Thursday, January 8, 2009

A fresh list o'goals

I told myself that I really didn't want to make resolutions this year. I have taken that road in the past and sadly it's led me to a dead end. Instead, I am wiping the dust of my big list of goals. Some people may call it that. Others may refer to it as their on-going to-do list.

And since I have been feeling very re-newed lately, I am certain that this year my goals will become achieved. I can smell the sweet smell of success in the air but alas, I must not get a head of myself!

Some of my craft related goals include:

- painting, re-organizing, and jazzing up my craft room
- finally get some items onto Etsy
- start my series of folk paintings
- finish all knitting projects before I start new ones (yeah, right!)
- learn how to dye yarn
- and finally, do more spinning! Perhaps take a wheel class!

It's not that bad of a list, eh? Something to work towards. And I'll check back with you all in a few months with a friendly progress report!

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