Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer Knits

So I know that it's probably better to knit with linens and cottons in the summer time, but for some reason I tend to pick the heavier yarns. I took my mom to Joann's - and while I don't usually buy yarns there, I was attracted to this beautiful rasberry/burgundy color. Problem is, it's boucle yarn, and needs to be knit double... so I figured what the heck - it's on sale and I do need a nice blanket for road trips. So I tried to follow the pattern (which was a zig-zag k/p combo) and it came out like crap. So I frogged and decided to garter it in decent strips and sew them together. It may take me a while, but who cares? I think this makes 12 projects on the drawing board now! hehehe.

But yes, the heat is making it tough for me to be inspired to knit. My mom is here visiting and she is even too warm to knit. And her project of choice: winter booties! hehe. I guess we all want to get an early start!

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