Monday, March 17, 2008


Yes! I did it! I finally managed to finish my lovely green socks! All thanks to the basic sock class at Wolley Minded in Corning Stitch Works - thanks Jean! :) So I am quite pleased with the results. Number 2 was a bit smaller, but I stretched it a bit and hope to be wearing these sexy things out and about soon! Up next? Socks for the hubby! I ordered some lovely Jitterbug in a mossy color, which I am certain that he will love. And the best part? I did the Kitchener Stitch all on my own, and I think I did it right! Yay!

So that is my big knitting news. I posted some new projects on Ravelry. I finished the Filippi Scarf that I was knitting for my Real Estate Agent, too. I think that perhaps I will work on a tea cosy next!

Happy Knitting!


Joan said...

Great job!!!!! Doggie blanket is done, i'll have it with me on Friday night.

Running Knitter said...

Awesome! I love how they came out. They look so warm and comfy!