Thursday, February 28, 2008

An Evening of Tea & Knitting

Tonight our knitting group met at The Tea Chest on Market Street. It was very nice to see 2 new faces and to chit chat with my regulars! I love meetups like this. We all got along so well and it was almost as if we've been friends for years. Everyone is so easy going and it's really nice having a group like this. I am really happy with the direction that we are going!

The Tea Chest is a great place. I've really expanded my knowledge of loose tea, and begun to drink tea a lot more. I never knew that there were so many varieties, and I think that it's great to try and ounce here and there of something new!

I've quickly become friends with the owner and she is really nice. I enjoy conversing with her and look forward to having future meetups there. The group really seemed to like it, too.

A small view of the tea set-up. See those little labeled containers? Those are sniffing samples! How cool is that?

I loved the peach green tea we ordered. All it needed was a spoonful of sugar!

As you can see, it was a pretty fun evening. I did take more photos, but those are posted on the meetup site. I am really glad I am making new friends and exploring different venues. But one thing's for sure- you can't go wrong with tea and knitting.

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