Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dreaming of Dog Sweaters, Part Deux

Okay, so I found a pattern that I could follow.

It's the basic pup sweater from the book "Posh Pooches" - it was a Barnes and Noble set that came with adorable wooden needles with dogs at the top. Since I didn't have size 9 needles, I had to use the ones that came with the set. You know what? They suck. But I have started the knitting and it looks really good!

I know that I am increasing my knitting skills when I actually have to use stitch markers. Woo hoo! I feel oh so official now.

The yarn is Misson Falls 1824 Wool. It's a gorgeous deep red. It will look smashing on my fawn colored pup! And because I promised pics, feast your eyes on my adorable Chi!

Dog in da hood


Running Knitter said...

Your pup is adorable! Can't wait to see pics of the sweater.

kalamandah said...

Thanks! He is such a little butt sometimes! I will def. be sure to post pics of the puppy sweater!