Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Knitting...what knitting?

Sadly, I haven't been knitting too much lately.

I actually have been trying to balance it with all my other duties. I have entered a new domestic realm, and although it is interesting, my poor jitterbug socks have been lonely sitting in my lantern moon bag.

I did, however, start a new holiday project. I am knitting a red and green table runner which I will probably give to my aunt. I tend to just start lots of projects and somehow get sidetracked. I love ravelry, and soon I hope to update that with photos and stash info!

In other great news, I am planning my first meetup for this Thursday. So far 5 people have RSVP'ed and I am really excited! I just need to clean up the apartment a bit more and get my food plans in order!

Once the holidays are over, I plan to take some classes at my LYS. In addition I am looking forward to learning how to quilt. Lots of crafty goodness is planned for '08!

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