Monday, October 29, 2007

Ra Ra Ra Ravelry!

I have spent a good portion of the afternoon playing on Ravelry. I must say the folks over there really have created something wonderful. I am working to build my profile, my group, and find my friends (and make new ones!). I love that you can add projects and patterns and share photos, etc. It really is a community. I encourage all my knitting buddies to join!

If you are already obsessed, then come and find me. I am 'kalamandah' - no real surprise there. It's my username for everything.

Since most of my yarn is all packed up, I will have to wait weeks before I can add my stash. I am quite excited. I found out that there is a store in Watkins Glen called Finger Lakes Fiber and I am looking forward to visiting!

*Sock update*

I have knitted about 21 rounds. I want to keep on going. I promise photos will be coming soon. With the move, everything is all bajumbled! But tomorrow at 10 AM I will be at the Yarn Girl for my lessons! Lesson #2 making the heel! Very exciting!

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