Monday, June 27, 2016

My Fatty Manifesto of Sorts

Newsflash: I am fat.

I am also very happy with my body. For I am strength, resiliency, and finally capable of self-love.

But I am living in a society that is filled with people who would rather fat shame women than own up to their own insecurities. If you are not attracted to my fatness, keep on walking. Just because something doesn't appeal to you doesn't mean that you have to tear it down; just because your favorite porn star puts on weight doesn't mean she is useless. Weight changes like the weather, and fat people will always be beautiful and worthy of love.

Newsflash: making overweight people feel bad about their bodies isn't going to motivate them to lose weight.

Fat shaming DOES make people feel bad about themselves and may cause them to gain more weight; so who's the bully here?

I am fat, and I am worthy of love.

In 1995 I went on an all Jello diet to try and lose weight because I was shamed for being a fat kid. I ate one Jello cup a day for 2 months straight. I was 15.

It saddens me that over 20 years later, we are still living in an image-conscious society where women are held to an impossible (and often dangerous) ideal. But you don't have to subscribe to the bullshit.

Because there will always be fat shamers and even women who live in a cyclone of constant comparison. Find your fat tribe, your homies, true and genuine souls who don't care what size jeans you wear.

Embrace your curves, your rolls, your plump tufts of womanly goodness; be happy in your skin.

YOU are worthy of love.


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