Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Currents

Every now and then, I will remember to do a blog post that pertains to the currents in my life. Ideally, this would be done once a month, but with all the stuff I have been doing for knitting and RGG, I have let a lot slide. Bad blogger! So behold, I will give you my currents for the fabulous month of December.

Current music a la video:
Metric - "Blindness"

Current home-made drink of goodness:

Adult root beer floats:

Scoop vanilla bean ice cream into your favorite mug. Drizzle vanilla-flavored vodka on top. Finish off with A&W root beer. Perfection.

Current wish:
 If I tell you, then it won't come true!

Current knitting project:
Can you believe that I finished all of my WIPs?! I think I deserve a medal for this! Up next will be toe-up songs for my knit groups January KAL, followed by Celestarium and then a dress for my girlfriend :)

Current goal:
Finishing my grad school application, but more importantly, my personal statement. Why are these so damn hard to write?!

Current pat-on-the-back moment:
My work/involvement with the Retro Gamer Girls. So much fun!

Current scent:
Nag Champa. I love smelling like a hippie.

Current struggle:
Making it through the holidays.

Current mood:
Tori Amos - "Flavor"

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