Monday, June 25, 2012

An Extra Life

It had been 12 years since I had been tattooed. For years I had wanted to exercise my individuality and expression but was prohibited to. I had struggled with the notion that I had changed for someone who wouldn't change for me, and inside it was eating me alive. However, now I am in a much better place filled with learning, growth, and self-acceptance. What better way to celebrate then to revisit my old love? So this past weekend I got a tattoo. Behold, my 8-bit 1-up mushroom of joy:

Some of you may recognize this as the 'extra life' mushroom from Super Mario Bros, my favorite game(s) played on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Although the style has changed a bit since it first made it's appearance in 1985, it's still used in modern Mario games. These mushrooms are usually found in hidden blocks or in risky places for the player, and always yield a positive effect when acquired. It made sense to me that this would be the perfect icon for my 'new' ink.  Symbolizing more than just freedom, it's life. Not to mention I feel pretty bad ass. Who doesn't like retro gamer girls with awesome 8-bit tattoos? :)


Amelia June said...

I like girls like that. And girls brave enough to break out of old lives and jump into new ones with gusto :D

Wanda said...

Awww, well thank you muchly, Amelia :P

Christopher Canova said...

I agree! I like multiple meanings such as getting another chance to race through the next level of your life. Change is awesome and this is one of my favorite geektoos. Wear it proudly!