Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm moving to Las Vegas!

It's been an interesting year, that's for sure. There were very few high points, and several low points. For crafting, it was lovely. But with the New Year comes new changes, and one huge change for us is that we are moving to fabulous Las Vegas, NV!

I am really excited about the move, and should be all settled in by mid-January. It will indeed be a new adventure for Team Topple, and I am certain that our exploration of the West Coast will bring wonderful things.
On my itinerary? For starters, I simply must visit the Pinball Hall of Fame! Who doesn't like to play pinball?

I look forward to gazing at the most lovely fountains ever:

I am also looking forward to spending a relaxing Sunday afternoon here:
This is Lake Mead - the largest human-made lake in the United States. I can't wait to rent a boat, and just float and knit! And of course pack a yummy lunch!

And to round things out, I can't wait to go hiking here:

Red Rock Canyon. It's a wonderful place to hike, spend the day, and reflect. I can see myself taking my journal and sketch book there on a lovely Saturday morning.

These are just a few places that I will be visiting/exploring. I can't wait to try new things, start a new career, and enjoy my surroundings.

Did I mention that we are packing up a truck and driving cross country? Talk about an adventure within an adventure!

So whatever (or where ever) the New Year brings you, enjoy it - and have a lovely time.

Happy 2010.

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