Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cabled Up

Tonight I participated in a "cabled pillow class" at Wooley Minded.

I managed to get one row of cables done, but it was interesting. I've never cabled before so I needed to choose my cable. Apparently, there are several different designs. There is the straight up plain one that looks like a mini double-pointed needle....which is the one I like. There is the one that looks like a bat, with a point in the middle to house your stitches. And lastly, there is the U-shaped cable needle, which is super "unique."

The class ended at 9 pm and it's 10:45 pm. I really want to pick up my knitting, but I am tired and I think that cables require me to be completely awake....or at least heavily caffeinated! They aren't that bad, really - but I def. needed to concentrate and found myself putting on my "serious knitting face" (and I hope I didn't scare anyone!).

More cable fun to come.

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