Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Up, Up, and Away!

Although it may seem as if I am talking about balloons, I am not.

I am referring to my newly acquired increasing skills. I still consider myself a beginner plus, but I have recently learned how to increase. And it was a joyous feeling. I made a simple black kerchief from "Stitch n' Bitch," and although there were a few mistakes, I think it's neat-o. I hope to start making more kerchiefs and eventually my market bag.

I am in love with the pattern for the market bag. I am actually more in love with the eggplant colored euro flax yarn. It's delish. Check it out on pattern works. I will be sure to post more pics here soon. I need to get my photo act together! I won't use school as an excuse either! But I am sure that once I am in the Nursing labs and classes, I will be a busy beaver. But it's okay. I will still love you my dear sweet knitting blog!

Since my last update, I have had 2 meetups. One was a general meetup, and the one tonight was a special meetup where members started making blankets for the Snuggles Project. In short, we knit blankets, mats, pads, etc. for shelter animals. It's a cause close to my heart and I can't wait to make the donations! The animals will love us! :-)

In other news, a fellow Silly Sheeper helped me set up my sewing machine. I seriously need to send her chocolate b/c I have been waiting 3 years to set this bad boy up! I am already thinking of sewing projects. The first, and perhaps most important, will be a cover for my bookcase. Why a cover for a bookcase? you ask.... well my stash is located in a new home, and I need to sew a cover so that the hubby cannot see the volume of my stash. Sooo, this in turn then means that I can do more shopping. Shopping, especially for all things fiber arts, makes my world go round, and I love the look and feel of new yarns!

So that is my goings-ons. More updates and photos to follow. So stay tuned and keep knitting!


Joanie R. said...

Good!!! you can increase....now decreasing?????

teasing you felly Silly Sheep!

I started my pupppy dog blanket. Acrylic yarn, washable!, easy pattern k5, (p10, k10, p10..etc.)k5. then reverse on next row etc. Makes a soft, neat blanket in almost any yarn.

Talk to you soon,
Joanie R.

kalamandah said...

Hi Joanie!

Yes, decreasing, too! :) I'm working on it all!

Congrats on the puppy blanket! I will probably start collecting them around March 1st.

See you soon I hope!